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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly important area of science and technology, and contributes to design and delivery of new therapeutic drugs, development of diagnostic agents, inventing new medicines for dreaded diseases contributing significantly to the economic development of our nation. With a vision to lend these healthcare allied industries with the key production equipments, Kitten has started up the supply of paramount and high quality customized products allied to this diverse area of healthcare practices.

Cleanrooms consumables sales are expected to surpass $ 8 billion through 2015 and pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector would be the third largest consumers of cleanroom products. The use of cleanroom garments can greatly reduce the possibility of contamination in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industries. Our other unique line of affordable products manufactured as per our client needs suiting their scientific & technical trends include Filter Products, and Medical Packaging Products.



Healthcare and hospital industry is one of those very few industries that are required to keep pace with the changing technology and the dynamically altering requirements of the clients. Our Clean Room Products i.e Antistatic Coveralls , Lab coats, Surgical Gown, Inner Garments, Disposable and Reusable Garments as well as Latex powder free Sterile Gloves are is greatly used in the medical community which protects the patients from accidental harms and Infections.

The Clean Room Wipes and POTA meets the cleanliness requirements in sterile cleanrooms while Sterilization Reels, Crepe paper and Non-woven SMMMS paper provides excellent sterile barriers and good drapability in packaging the products.

Breweries Distilleries & Wineries


Keeping in mind the changing needs of the industries and latest technology, Kitten provides a vast range of products with special emphasis on innovation and endurance. We supply and market a comprehensive range of finest quality, long-lasting and affordable products or equipments pertaining to the field of Breweries, Distillers and Wineries.

Kitten’s provides high quality Industrial filter products like Filter Pad, Filter Paper, Filter bags, Modules Filter System, Filter Cartridges, Filter Housings which are useful is various stages of filtration processes in the manufacturing of Beer, Wines, Spirits. Thus providing Sterile and Quality filtration.

Food and Dairy


The Food & Dairy industry is one such area of significance that requires extreme and careful monitoring of each and every step, starting from the key basic process of extraction of dairy products to the final packaging step. We at Kitten, follow every single measure and pay special attention to our products in order to ensure all our equipments are highly efficient and belong to the top-class quality standards.

Our unique range of products related to Food & Dairy industry includes Filters for Dairy, Gelatin and Sugar. Food manufacturers are turning to Cleanroom technology to control airborne contamination and increase product shelf-life. Contamination potential due to personnel traffic must be minimized. One sound method to reduce this is by using clean room garments in such areas to maintain sterilization conditions and avoid contamination.

With soft drinks, various beverages and other fluid products becoming the current trend of the season and ruling the market; it has become an essential factor for every food and beverage industry to employ the finest quality equipments and machines. Our highly praised and best-in-use products allied to soft drink & beverage industry includes Industrial filters for Soft drinks, Fruit Juices, Bottled Water etc.

Paint, Resin, Ink, Dyes & Chemical


Chemical industry usually functions on the principle of hygiene and purity, whether be it the manufacturing surroundings or the raw materials. And the same applies to the mechanical equipments that are used for production purposes. Kitten properly takes care of this aspect along with focusing on the versatility and function of the products.

Our wide array of quality and durable products allied to dyes and chemical industry include Filters, Cartridges, Bags,  Filter Press etc.

Refinery, Power Plant and Fertilizer


Refinery, power and fertilization industries requires the highly efficient and effective filtration system as most of their production processes are aimed at removal of contaminants and production of highly pure and quality products. Our expertise knowledge and ability to integrate latest technology with operational features ensures the best & cost-effective products to reach our clients within stipulated timeframe.

With Kitten; there is no need to worry about the quality of our extensive range of products allied to Refinery, Power Plant & Fertilization industry that ranges from the simple Separation, Filtration and Purification process.

Automotive & Automotive Components


Filtration plays an important role in degreasing and pretreatment process carried out prior to the paint process in Automotive Industries. Process such as Filtration of oil, metallic weld splatter and general debris from the cars coming from Assembly Plant are carried out using Filter bags. Spun filter cartridges and Pleated filter cartridges used in RO membrane in Reverse Osmosis Plant are effective and helps to avoid premature fouling and short membrane life which is thereby reduced by particulate contamination. Filtration is also the key in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of rinsing water and phosphate pretreatment solution. In this process, filter bags, filter cartridges plays a very important role.

Kitten’s world-class innovative and quality products, put an end to your search for superior standard Filter products for Automotive Industry.

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